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Visa for Family visit - Documents Required

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All supporting documents must be submitted by applicant on date of interview and not sent to the Embassy’s official mail. In addition to the documents mentioned below, depending on the case, the Embassy may require the applicant to hand in more documents.
  • Basic required documents of Visa for Family visit:

    • One short stay application form, fully completed in typing and signed by the applicant, with 1 recent colour photo (35x45 mm, close up, straight on) of each applicant.
    • Original passport, valid at least one year, with a photocopy of the identity, accompanying persons and validity pages as well as original previous visas, if any + a copy thereof (passport must NOT be changed between application and visa issue. This will result in a renewed Schengen consultation and thus a considerable further delay)
      1. Original ID booklet with a photocopy of all pages.
      2. Original marriage/divorce book, if applicable (in case of visiting husband/wife, original official translation of marriage book + colour copy).
      3. Copy of documentation of the applicant’s relationship with the reference in Denmark.
    • A recent invitation from the reference in Denmark indicating exact name, address, telephone no., e-mail, CPR or UDL number of the reference, name and address of the applicant, approx. dates of visit and information about coverage of costs. An invitation form may be downloaded click here. Please bring invitation ID in case of online invitation.
Schengen VISA application:
  • Proof of sufficient financial means to cover the costs of the stay if the invitation letter doesn't contain an appropriate guarantee.
  • Clear copy of reference's valid residence card or Danish passport.
  • If reference’s name has been changed, copy of certificate for applicants working/studying, documentation in English certifying date of employment, position, duration of leave, guarantee of return to job after leave. For retired (pensioner) applicants, original pension ID + copy or latest pension letter/latest pension slip.
  • Applicants who have been to Denmark/Schengen before or have received positive/negative reply, must present previous passport or the reply letter from the Embassy.
  • One envelope with applicant’s address and proper stamp.
Also a travel medical insurance should be taken out and shown at time of application. The insurance must be valid for the Schengen area and Liechtenstein and covering the entire stay. The applicant must present the original policy with a copy.

The insurance policy must have a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 and must cover:
  1. Repatriation for medical reasons
  2. Urgent medical care
  3. Urgent treatment in a hospital
  4. In case of death, repatriation of the corpse
The Embassy accepts insurances from the following Iranian companies:
  1. Asia Insurance
  2. Dana Insurance
  3. Pasargad Insurance
  4. Parsian Insurance
  5. Alborz Insurance
  6. Tose-eh Insurance
  7. Moin Insurance
  8. Razi Insurance
  9. Novin Insurance
  10. Karafarin Insurance
Note:The original insurance policy must be presented at the port of entry. Lack of a valid Travel Medical Insurance Policy upon arrival may lead to rejection at the border.

At the time of issuance of visa, the applicant may be required to submit a valid return ticket with a copy.

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